10 Easy Tips For SEO Content Writing

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SEO content writing is gaining popularity day by day. People are searching for the best SEO content writer for their businesses or websites. In this blog post, you will get the best ideas and tips for writing SEO-friendly content. Keep reading this post.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the path of researching topics, writing informational articles, developing articles, and publishing content in a digital format. Content writing is different on different platforms. For example – writing for a blog website is different from writing for a podcast.

Types of Content Writing

  • Blog writing
  • script writing
  • e-book writing
  • podcast
  • business content writing
  • Letter writing etc…..

How to start writing content?

Many people do not know how to actually start writing good content.

Make an outline

In the first step, try to make an outline for your topic. How will you do it?

Take a pen and paper. Suppose you choose the topic “Affiliate marketing”. Now, search the topic on Google.

Check the top 5 articles on Google. Try to understand the basic writing style and note some points in your book.

Collect Information

To write an informational blog, you have to do research for your topic. Think about some questions and write in your book like written below.

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • types of affiliate marketing
  • how to start affiliate marketing
  • Which affiliate program is best for a beginner

Then collect the information from anywhere you can.

Start writing content

Now we are ready to write a good post. Start with an attractive title. Then write a small introduction about the post.

After that start your main article. To write SEO friendly article, you have to use good keywords and quality information in your post.

There are some important things you should know about keyword research. So take a little time and learn that also.

How to be an expert SEO Content Writer?

It is very hard to say that I am the best SEO Content writer. Because every content writer do mistakes and learns from mistakes.

That means you have to do content writing practice to be a good content writer. It takes time.

By the way, you also need to research SEO, algorithm, use of keywords, questions, etc. A content writer should always be up-to-date and has a great responsibility to update their content from time to time.

Benefits of Content Writing

Mainly there are two types of benefits.

1) Personal Skill Development: Practising content writing will gradually increase your mental stability, learning capacity, thinking capacity, good writing delivery, etc.

2) Economic Growth: In these days, businesses are growing very fast. Each and every company is looking for a good content creator. If you have a certificate or experience in content writing, you can get a job easily.

You can also earn money from your blog website or from freelancing.

10 Easy Tips For SEO Content Writing

User-oriented content: Write for the user. Many writers write only for SEO. However, Google says that the content should be valuable to the users and then the content has a high probability of ranking.

Google’s Algorithm: Google always changes its algorithm to make sure that users are getting valuable and informational content. So, try to understand Google’s Algorithm.

Implement Keywords: Keyword placement is very important for a content writer. If you do not have any idea about finding and implementing keywords then read our keyword research blog.

Long/Short content: There is no problem at all. But remember to write all the related information regarding that topic.

Plagiarism: Every beginner does this mistake. They copy articles from other’s websites and paste that on their own website. Always write unique articles. You can check plagiarism on Grammarly as well as on some other free websites like smallseotools also.

Relating words: Use Related Words to increase the ranking chance on various keywords. For example- if your focus keyword is affiliate marketing then you can also use the term affiliate link as a secondary focus keyword.

Good outbound links: In your article, create some outbound links. And make sure that the outbound links are a path to High-Quality Sites. Always check DA, PA, and SS(Spam score) before creating an outbound link.

SEO-Friendly URL & meta description: Make your post URL short and use your main focus keyword in it. On meta description, try to use your main keyword twice and make it meaningful.

User interface: Generally 90% of users use smartphones to look for solutions online. That’s why always use a mobile-friendly user interface on your website.


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