Hostinger-The Best Affiliate Program

There are many affiliate programs on the internet. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Hostgator, etc. There are many website hosting providers in India. Some of them are Hostinger, Hostgator, Godaddy, a2hosting, fastcomet, Liquid web etc. They have an affiliate program to grow their businesses. But today we shall know that which is the best hosting affiliate program, provider. 
Hostinger-The Best Affiliate Program

Which is the best web hosting for affiliate program? 

Hostinger is a Web Hosting provider company which is established in 2004. It is the parent company of 000webhost, Niagahoster, and weblink. This is the cheapest and best web hosting provider company in India now. Today, we will know all the packages of Hostinger and its affiliate program. I think it is the only one web hosting company that gives us a 60% commission on every sale. So, I called this company, the best web hosting affiliate program.

Let’s see the packages with the price details.

Shared Hosting Packages of Hostinger

Hostinger is a very good and cheap web hosting company. The name of the starting package is single web hosting. This package is ideal for those who have started their blogs recently. The price of the package is 249/month. But you will get 68% off that is you can buy this package only for 79/month. This is too cheap.
Again, please remember that the price will be increased during the time of renewal. During renewal, you have to pay 159/month for the single web hosting.

Premium Web Hosting: This hosting package is best for those who want to establish their Name as a Brand or company. Because the price is also higher than the single web hosting. I think if you are running an online business, then you can go with this package.
The price of the package is 179/month. Usually, the price is very high, i.e 399/month. But now you will save a lot. 
Now, which are the benefits you will get if you purchase this Premium web hosting? Have a look!
  1.  On the single web hosting plan, you can host only one website. But on the other hand, you can host 100 websites easily with a premium web hosting plan. 
  2. On the single web hosting, you will get only 30GB of SSD storage. But you will get 100GB of SSD storage with a Premium web hosting plan. (One thing I want to tell you that, many hosting providers mention on their website that they will provide SSD storage. But actually, they do not give. But Hostinger gives us.) 
  3. On the single web hosting, you will not get a free domain name. But if you go with the Premium web hosting plan, you will get a free domain for your website. You don’t have to buy separately from other sites.
  4. On the single web hosting, you will be able to create only 2 subdomains. But on the premium web hosting plan, you can create 100 subdomains.
Business Web Hosting: This hosting solution is best for those who run a very big business online. With this one will be able to get all the benefits mentioned above. Even you will get free CDN, a daily backup option, and  200GB of SSD storage. 
This package will cost you around 279/month. Usually, the price is very high, i.e 599/month. But now you will save 53%. 
Buy a Business web hosting plan today and get 53% off and get one .in domain free.
If you don’t know What is Affiliate Marketing read our blog. Happy to share with you my earning source.

How to join Hostinger Affiliate Program?

Hey readers, be cool. I am just sharing my experience with you. So just follow my steps to earn money from Hostinger. If you are from India, then search for 
  1. Search for
  2. Go to the bottom of the site and under the INFORMATION tab, you will see Affiliate Program. Just click there.
  3. Now click on the ‘Access Affiliate Program’ button. You will see another button called “Partner Sign Up” just click there.
  4. Now, fill the form correctly and submit that form. The company will contact you through email when your form is accepted. Usually, this process takes 2-3 days.
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Can you monetize your new website with AdSense and affiliate program?

Many new bloggers have this question in mind. I also search many times on Google. But after reading the AdSense policy, I got my answer. Now, I shall share the answer with you.
The answer is yes. You can use any third-party advertiser’s ad. But before using you should read the policy of a third-party advertiser. Because some advertiser does not work with AdSense policy. Therefore, your AdSense account may be banned. 
Things to remember:
  1. Never use too many ads from the third-party advertiser, instead, your AdSense account will be in danger.
  2. Never use any adult ad content advertiser. These violets Google AdSense policy.
Want to know about How to create Google AdSense account? Read our Blog.
If you have any question related to Hostinger affiliate program, you can comment us below.

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