How to solve ads.txt issue on Blogger?

Hello readers, many of you might be facing an issue related to Google AdSense earning. It is a very common issue. On WordPress, you can solve this issue by using a plugin called “Ad inserter”. But on Blogger, you may do not know to fix this ads.txt issue. Read this post very carefully and apply it.

How to solve ads.txt issue on Blogger?

How to solve the ads.txt issue on Blogger?

On your Google AdSense account, you will see a notification as shown in the picture.

To solve this issue, just click on the “Fix now” option. You will be redirected to the “sites” tab. Under this tab, you will see a “download” option. The picture is given below. Just click on the Download button.

Open the file you download and copy the code given on that file. You will find a line as shown in the picture below.

On the Blogger dashboard, you will see a Monetisation setting. There you will see an option “enable custom ads.txt”. By default, this option is turned off. After enabling this option, another setting is visible “custom ads.txt”. See the picture given below.

Under the custom ads.txt option, paste the code you copied from the file. 

Now, go to the Google AdSense account dashboard and refresh it. It will solve the issue. Sometimes, this process takes a few days.
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